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Anatomy of the Hip

Anatomy of the Hip
Anatomy of the Hip

The hip is comprised of two bones:

  • The femur, which is comprised of the thighbone and the femoral head (or ball); The femoral head is located on the upper end of the femur.
  • The acetabulum (or socket) holds the femoral head

The hip joint is formed where the femur, or top of the thighbone, joins the socket of the pelvic bone. Protective cartilage covers the bones of the hip joint to allow ease of movement. The synovial lining surrounds the hip joint and produces a lubricant to assist with joint movement. Ligaments are strong fibers that connect the bones of the hip joint and keep them in place, while at the same time, help add strength and elasticity necessary for movement. Muscles and tendons also work to maintain a stable hip joint.

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