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“The minute I met Dr. Cuellar, I instantly knew this man was someone who is as dedicated to the art of surgery as I am to the art of ballet. I’m so thrilled that Dr. Cuellar performed my total hip replacement. I feel better than ever and am looking forward to being able to continue teaching dance.”

- Dina Vail, Ballet Mistress, Houston Metropolitan Dance Company

“My hip replacement surgery was done in July of 2002. I can’t say enough about the quality of care that Dr. Cuellar provided before during and after the procedure. His professionalism and expertise is unequaled. Less than one year after surgery, I’m not ever aware that I ever had a hip problem. I have been able to resume virtually all of my previous activities. Including golf and speed walking at the same levels as prior to surgery. I very highly recommend Dr. Cuellar to anyone who is considering Hip Replacement Surgery.”

- Gary Hedge

“I had both my hip joints replaced in 1978 when I was 24 years old. Dr. Cuellar performed a revision on the right side in 2002, and the left revision in 2004. I am extremely happy with his work, staff, follow-up and support.”

- Donald Bellows

“I want to thank Dr. Cuellar and his staff for giving me my quality of life back. Due to severe arthritis in my right hip, I had a total hip replacement in June of 1998 at the age of 55. Then, thirteen months later, my left hip was replaced also due to arthritis. Instead of constant pain, I now am pain free and can enjoy life. Thank you again Dr. Cuellar and your wonderful staff.”

- Tom Kikis

“Everything is fine and perfect with both of my total knee replacements, and Dr. Cuellar is the best there is.”

- Frank Oldal

“In April 2003, I saw Dr. Cuellar for the first time for a badly infected artificial knee. Within hours, I was admitted to the hospital and the next morning, antibiotics had been administered to my infected knee. I was able to return home to continue treatment and once the infection had cleared, I received a new implant.

I give Dr. Cuellar full credit for saving my leg. He did a great job and showed care and concern for my problems. I am very happy he is my doctor and I am very grateful to Dr. Cuellar and his staff for the job they did for me. He is a very caring doctor and a very knowledgeable surgeon.”

- Sherrill Franklin

“I saw Dr. Cuellar after having been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of both hips. It had progressed to the point of being very painful, especially the right hip, and was drastically affecting the quality of my life. Dr. Cuellar left it to me to decide how much discomfort I could manage and how long it would take me to decide the quality of my life as it had become, was no longer acceptable. It had become painful to walk, and I was not able to enjoy many of my normal activities.

It was a frightening experience for me to make to have my first surgery, a right total hip replacement. I lived alone and was not eager to experience what I thought would be a traumatic ordeal. Dr. Cuellar was very sensitive to my concerns and took the time and had the patience to address all my questions.

I had, in the meantime, discovered that an acquaintance of mine had a total hip replacement performed by Dr. Cuellar three months prior. I contacted her and she gave me reports of how she progressed, what to expect and how pleased she was with Dr. Cuellar. The opportunity to talk with her was very comforting and helped alleviate some of my fears.

Dr. Cuellar and his staff provided me with all the literature to familiarize myself with the procedure and were always available to answer my questions. When I decided to have the surgery, Dr. Cuellar, his assistant and his staff gave me all the support I needed to provide me with a sense of well-being prior to my operation.

I did very well with the surgery and the rehabilitation afterwards. I believe Dr. Cuellar is a magnificent orthopedic surgeon and he is very meticulous in the care of his patients. He expects his patients to follow his instructions and recovery plan, not for his benefit, but for theirs, and the results in doing so are rewarding.

I anticipated being able to wait a more extended period of time before having my left total hip replacement, but it again became quite painful. I had progressed so well with my right hip replacement that I decided to have the left hip replacement six months later. I again progressed very well under Dr. Cuellar’s excellent care.

The year 2004 marked two years since my surgeries. I have such gratitude for Dr. Cuellar and for the healing he has provided me through his wonderful God-given talents and expertise. I am now able to enjoy many of the things I had to give up before having surgery and am now able to participate in water exercises, walk two miles several times per week and enroll in a Tai Chi class. Plus, I can enjoy all my normal activities without being in pain, but most importantly, I am able to keep up with my five-year-old granddaughter Isabelle.

I think so very highly of Dr. Cuellar and respect him and his sense of integrity. I am so grateful he is my doctor.”

- Virginia Masterson